Ambassador program

The EVS Ambassador Program is designed to provide additional support to EVS riders who spread the word of EVS products. As an ambassador you are the face of EVS in your region.

What we ask of you:

- Pass out personalized promo cards for our website (trackable usage)
- Increase brand awareness
- Attend a Minimum of 2 races / events per month
- Set up EZ-UP for the day
- Pass out stickers, catalogs, and other promotional items
- Email photos and videos from EVERY event (people at the booth, riders with EVS gear, etc.)
- Social media posts, tagging and hash tagging @EVSSPORTS and @TEAMEVS at every event
- Recruit Riders for sponsorship
- Recruit more ambassadors
- Stay in contact with us

As a part of the EVS Ambassador Program, you are entitled to:

- Quarterly bonuses
    - Every quarter we will have different contests
        - Top social media posts
        - Top promo code earners
        - Top sponsored rider recruiters
        - Best video or pic
- EVS gear at 50% off or if you are already at that you will get bumped to next sponsorship level
- Ambassador package
    - We will supply you with what you need to be an ambassador of EVS!
- Key relationships with EVS

To apply, please email Brad Behrens at

Please provice the following:

- Your resume
- Paragraph or two on why you think you would be a good ambassador
- A few pictures of you and your crew